At The Food Embassy, we connect communities through delicious, sustainable food.


Our events and education programs bring people together to learn and get excited about delicious, sustainable food: growing it, procuring it, cooking it and of course eating it, as well as handling food waste more responsibly, so we can be kinder to our environment.

Why is it so important?

We are becoming more and more isolated .

Bringing people together through food.

There are many people in our communities who are disconnected. Because many within our society are living alone, working long hours, and becoming increasingly dependent on screens, social lives are now largely conducted online with less in-person interaction.

Changing our diets for the better. 

According to the the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s Australia’s Health 2016 report, chronic disease accounts for 90 per cent of all deaths in Australia and unhealthy diets and obesity are significant contributors to this problem.


We believe a shift back to nutritious, home or locally-grown produce is key to healthier communities. By equipping people with the skills and enthusiasm for growing, sourcing and cooking real, nutritious food we hope to inspire families to enjoy healthier meals. We aim to help our communities and future generations understand the importance of healthy eating - and how easy, fun and rewarding it can be to be part of the journey from plot to plate.

A poor diet .jpg
Our current food system is unsustainable

A more sustainable way

With populations growing and the cost of food rising, access to food - particularly for disadvantaged sections of the community - is becoming increasingly important. There is growing interest in the provenance of food: where it comes from, whether it is safe and if it is grown in an ethical and environmentally-responsible manner.


Also worrying is the huge level of food that is wasted and the environmental and social impacts of our highly-processed, high-sugar, high-meat diets on our climate, water, soil and society, with multinational companies enjoying huge profits that do not get passed back to the farmer. Moving towards a  mainly plant-based diet of food that can be homegrown or sourced from local sustainable farming operations can make a real difference to food security, local economies and our own health: as well as the health of the planet.

The Food Embassy addresses all these big issues with food as the key ingredient.