Meet the Team


Liz Sanders, Co-Founder & Manager
(BSc, MNutD, Grad dip Public Health)

For more than 20 years I worked as a dietitian and community development officer with state and local government in SA and overseas. I co-founded the SA Community Foodies program and teach in public health and community nutrition at a tertiary level.

I bring community development, partnership building and management skills, as well an extensive knowledge of nutrition and food systems to Food Embassy.

I love delicious food and have a desire to connect people over the joy of good food.


Linda Crutchett, Project Manager

I have over 20 years’ nutrition experience in community-wide initiatives, schools, early childhood settings, workplaces and equitable policy development. My work promotes improved health, social connection and community cohesion. I am an accredited practicing dietitian and have a certificate in narrative therapy and health administration.

I’m fascinated by the links across our local biodiversity, urban food production and waste management systems. I’m passionate about enabling people now and in the future to enjoy quality fresh food.

Mattea Palombo, Project Officer 

I am an accredited practicing dietitian, nutritionist, health coach, sports dietitian and Master of Public Health. I’ve worked in both hospital and community settings.  

In my role with Food Embassy, I bring care, love, knowledge, dedication, enthusiasm and a passion for helping my community be as healthy as they can be.

I believe in eating healthy, sustainable, local and environmentally friendly food that nourishes my body. I’m passionate about sharing this belief with people from all walks of life.

Georgia Larkin, Project Officer
(BHumanNutr, MNutD, APD)

As an accredited practising dietitian, I am passionate about promoting sustainable, ethical and healthy eating.

I believe in  advocating for the right of all members of the community to access safe and nutritious food, as well as learning more about our food system and where our food comes from.

To the Food Embassy, I bring skills in group facilitation, in-depth nutrition knowledge and a love of sharing and connecting with others over delicious food. 

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