Food for Freedom

The Food Embassy has worked in partnership with Community Health Onkaparinga (CHO) and Southern Domestic Violence Service (SDVS) to develop and deliver the Food for Freedom program.


About Food for Freedom:

Food for Freedom provides fresh wholesome meals to women and children who are temporarily accommodated in local motels while fleeing domestic violence. The program has provided over 1000 meals since it started in November 2015, with freshly cooked meals delivered 2 times per week.

Women and children in crisis situation are known to have constrained access to nutritious meals due to safety concerns, lack of transport options and financial barriers. Given the inadequate kitchen facilities in motels, it is highly likely that women and children survive almost exclusively on convenience and fast foods during their stay. These foods are considered less healthy because they generally have higher levels of fat, salt or sugar compared to a home cooked meal. 


The meals provided each week aim to meet 50% of an individuals daily recommended serves of fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy and grains, to improve their overall nutritional intake. The provision of healthy meals to women and children in motels aims to promote healthy meals as the norm, as well as, communicate care, respect, value and support, which will be invaluable to their recovery from the trauma of domestic violence. 



How we have been involved:

Jess has run the food for freedom kitchen and co-ordinated produce delivery, working with volunteers to create delicious meals for people to enjoy

Liz has been involved in running nutrition and cooking workshops for the women and families

Carly developed the producers alliance - a group of local businesses whom donate their amazing produce to the Food for Freedom Program.

One of the most important things about the preparation of meals and receiving of donations in the food for freedom program is that food is made with love and care. We want those who receive these meals to know that they are cared for and loved by their community, that they and their family are precious and valued.

This forms the heart of the Food for Freedom program.

We are currently running a go fund me campaign to see the continuation of the program. If you would like to show your support click here!

As of February 2018 The Food Embassy has taken a step back from the program and has been excited to see community members take hold of the Food for Freedom program!