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Early harvest of Murnong (Yam Daisy)

Here's an exciting garden update from our Project Manager Linda!

Murnong (Yam Daisy)

Microseris Lanceolata

Oops, I harvested this too early!

I love food, the aroma’s of cooking, the joy of harvesting and the sense of achievement when something I planted as a seed emerges. My garden is full of European and Asian vegetables - but what about the food that grew in this place before European invasion and settlement? What is the indigenous food like? Can I grow it like I would a carrot or a potato? The answer is yes!

I grew these Murnong at my community garden. Yeah!!! The seed had been collected by the Biodiversity Team at Burnside City Council who grow and replant local provenance plants to regenerate the landscape. The successful germination of the Murnong seed under the expert eye of the Biodiversity Manager meant enough plants to allow for an experiment. How would they grow in a garden setting?

Thanks go to the Chapel Street Community Garden, who agreed to provide one of the new community plots for the garden. Initially I had several offers to help me weed out these small yellow daisy flowers – but a small sign and enthusiastically telling anyone who would listen what was growing did the trick.

The interest has grown over the past year and a half and we are eagerly awaiting an autumn harvest. But…

I was pulling out some of the dichondra that is also enjoying the plot, and this Murnong emerged. Oops! I was so surprised and excited to see how big it was, I showed everyone. Then came the question … how do we prepare them? I am not sure? Steven Hoepfner (Wagtail Farm) has been generous with advice again, and I am now waiting a few weeks and will roast it. Phew now I will really be ready for the full harvest in Autumn! Happy accident after all.

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