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The Food Embassy response to "The 'organic child' ideal holds mothers to an impossible standard"

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The Food Embassy team were recently asked our thoughts on this article titled "The 'organic child' ideal holds mothers to an impossible standard" (originally published on Aeon:

A great article, as a mother I can really relate to the struggle and guilt associated with feeding your child well.

The power of the word organic in our world is shown here and demystified in our Food Matters course. If we get more connected to our food source we would find there are many producers out there who use organic principles but can't state they are organic. Many can say they are organic but do the

y really do anything that cares for the soil, biodiversity and considers regenerative practices.

This line from the article sums it up beautifully "Striving for an organic child distracts from working for a more democratic, just and sustainable food system It reinforces a system of protection for the most elite shoppers, while inequalities abound."

We at The

Food Embassy also agree and work in partnership with others to build joint food projects dedicated to the wellbeing of all children.

Liz Sanders

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