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The Importance of Community

Hi there,

The Food Embassy would like to share this message about the importance of community from our Co-Founder and Manager Liz Sanders

The importance of community

It’s been a tumultuous start to 2020- the grief and loss has been massive, but the community response and care has been equally massive.

This is where we need to focus our energy and our hope – in keeping that community response alive.

We are all hard wired to connect and we all need each other and with recent events we have shown how it is possible to come together.

I’ve been wondering how we hold and build upon this idea of community, keep it alive. Community is a gift and we receive it by being connected to one another. How can we make this the new world currency?

One way of building this new currency is through food. Like our need for connection we also need to eat. I have cooked a lot of meals over the last few weeks for friends who have experienced enormous loss. Food is a great way of saying you care, showing your love but above all it is a great way of connecting with others.

At the Food Embassy our vision is to build local food communities that restore and nurture our connection to not only ourselves but our planet. There is no greater time than now to make this a different world, one where consumerism is no longer the key driver and instead, we transform the system to be more localised and more authentic.

I don’t think most of us want the technical solutions being offered to save our food system issues. AI ( artificial intelligence) controlled food buildings and lab grown meat is not how I want my food produced however, we need to be open to this as a possibility, we need to be courageous, ask questions, don’t alienate others with different views. Maybe there is a space for a bit of everything but let’s not just stand back and watch. Being an engaged food citizen is important in this new journey to the world that we want not the world some tech giant wants.

The Food Embassy works with communities to build greater engagement with their local food system. We aim to inspire individuals to build knowledge and skills to become engaged food citizens. We hope that you will join us in this journey… there will be joy, some surprises, lots of fun

but hopefully above all there will be change! I look forward to meeting you soon 😊

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