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Veggie Patch Challenges

Here's an update from our co-founder Liz on the challenges of growing food at home.

I've been a bit of a hit and miss gardener for a long time but thought in the midst of COVID-19 I would give it a proper go! So here is our little veggie patch, we thought we were doing quite well but unfortunately our dear dog had other plans. Labradors are known for their love of food, but really did she have to eat the broccoli and cauli!? 

She did however, kindly leave the leaves which then lead me to think well what can I do with the leaves? So, I have been experimenting with them and the biggest success is stir fried with some ginger, garlic, sesame oil and soy. Although I would have liked a bit of brocc in there too.

This success has led to me feeling even more determined to reduce food waste and sparked some more creative ways to use veggie leaves. What has lots of leaves and is purple? Yes, tough question...beetroot. I made a yummy beetroot pesto by combining the leaves with olive oil, garlic and walnuts. If you like you could also add parmesan cheese. Served with some feta for lunch it was delicious!

Have you ever thought that in general the food industry likes us to waste food because it increases the demand? But what if we could change that, take back some of our power as food citizens and get more value from our food choices? We can all do this is small ways, starting with our own backyard and fridge - reducing food waste as much as we can and sharing anything we can't use within our community!

We love hearing your stories of reducing food waste - please share them with us!

What do you do with veggies leaves or stems? 

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