School Incursions

The Food Embassy Inc. offers several school incursions which are fun and interactive.


Each session is developed by dietitians and a chef.

Sessions are designed to inspire and encourage young people to try new foods

such as veggies and be mindful of our environment.


Below is a brief description of our sessions:

Nude food:

Australia is one of the highest producers of waste in the world and food waste and food packaging are major contributors to this waste.


This incursion explores the concept of nude food and how school communities can actively reduce their food waste and packaging. Hands on activities including food activities are provided.

Stories in the Garden:

“Stories in the Garden” is a one off session in which children and their parents are invited to a local community/school garden for 1.5 hours of picking fresh produce, cooking a light meal and listening to a local story teller. It can even include planting and art activities if desired.


This can be offered as an excursion to a local community garden or can be provided as an incursion using the school garden.  

 Veggies for Life:

It is well known that currently Australians do not eat enough vegetables, with only 7% of adults and 5% of children eating the recommended amount. For children, it is important that eating vegetables becomes a normal part of their eating habits as, an adequate vegetable intake is linked to a number of favorable short/long term health outcomes.


This incursion explores how to make eating veggies cool – not only does it help our bodies but it also helps our environment.

Food System Literacy

National and global food systems in their current form are neither ecologically sustainable nor socially just.

This incursion explores where our food really comes from, the complexity of our food system and why it currently is not sustainable or fair for all.

Solutions are proposed for how children and schools can engage in making our food system more sustainable and fair

Lunchbox solutions:

We all know the challenges of providing healthy lunch box snacks and lunches that children will eat!


An incursion providing solutions to the common parent dilemma of lunchboxes.  Hands on activities for kids and parents on how to make easy, cheap healthy lunchboxes that kids will eat, and ideas on how to make food fun!