Introducing our food rescue project Sneaky Seconds...

We are rescuing fruit and veg that farmers can't sell due to imperfections, and turning them into tasty treats!!

Our goal is to keep things as seasonal and local as possible. Each month we will be creating a different kind of relish, chutney or jam depending on what fruit and veg is available. Profits raised from the selling of our products will go towards the Food for Freedom Program.

Here is the story of our first batch!

Lovely sun burnt capsicums and holey eggplants were rescued from farmers Nat and Lucy of Village Greens of Willunga Creek, along with delicious seconds tommies from Heirloom Harvest, before they headed for the compost.

All were lovingly turned into these tasty relishes by Us!!

Products will be sold at various events and workshops hosted by The Food Embassy and through local retailers... so keep an eye out!!

Our goal is to share the joy of local veggies, help to diminish food waste whilst building our community and caring for those who are vulnerable.

Keep a look out for our next delicious batch!! Yum!!

All our jams, chutneys and relishes are prepared locally.